Commissions for projects are on a “first come” basis for claiming “slots”. I generally open commissions with slots of 5. Each project varies in time to create based on detail and size. If you’re looking for information on when these become available, please subscribe to my newsletter.

Please check below for further information.


TIME: 2-6 Weeks based on design

All of my jackets take a while to make. The reason for this is mostly the actual making process involves NO machine stitching whatsoever. Everything I do is by hand.

Commission time is hard to judge for these. I never give an exact time, and will ALWAYS ask for patience in creating a jacket. Especially ones where I’m either hand making drawing a patch, or I’m working with hand embroidery.

On top of making projects, I do have a full-time job. So as much as I try to work as fast as I can, sometimes life can get in the way.


Pricing is the fun part, its hard to predict how much a jacket is fully going to cost, materials wise. As a base for labor, I charge a flat $50. If I were to charge you an hourly rate, jacket prices would be in the thousands; again, due to my process of making them.


TIME: 1 Day - 1 Week based on detail and size.

Figures can vary in size. I currently have two different types of figure: Standard and Deluxe.

Standard are generally 6-8 inches and come with a detailed base. These figures can take some time, but do not require as many resources as a Deluxe figure.

Deluxe figures are 10+ inches and have a higher detailed base. Deluxe figures are much more difficult to make and take a lot more time than a Standard. The amount of resources used in a Deluxe figure can be anywhere from double, to quadruple the amount used in a Standard.


STANDARD: Standard figures have a base of $10 labor, along with an added price of detail and supplies. On average, a Standard figure may be around $25.

DELUXE: The door is wide open for Deluxe. I start labor at a flat $20 and will charge a secondary $20 pending on project. So beginning charge may be $40. From there, generally with an additional materials cost, the figure may amount anywhere from $45-65.

DISCLAIMER: All pricing is subject to change. Final estimates shown are not exact prices. Quotes with a final pricing will be given once a request for a project is submitted.