Believe it or not, I get a LOT of questions regarding what I do… I made this page because answering them all can be kinda… difficult. So I hope this helps clear up some things!

WHat is this website?

A: Fuzzforge.net is a gallery (and soon to be shop) for my creations. I work with several mediums, but the ones I enjoy the most are Pipecleaners and Denim. I wanted to create this website as a way to showcase what I make to everyone without having to jump through the hoops of social media.

How did you start this?

A: I explain everything with my start in the “My start” link in the menu navigation bar. But if you have further questions, feel free to get in contact with me through the “Contact Me” page.

Why are you doing this?

A: Because I love it. I absolutely love doing crafts and showing them to the world.

Your Website has a bunch of broken links…

A: Yes, I know. This whole website is a work in progress.

Is this idea (Pipecleaner figures) patented?

A: In a way no, but also yes. The very base of my figures, the “core” of the figures, is a unique design I am currently attempting to patent.

I want to order something from you. How can I do it?

A: Right now, I have no time-table for commissions or having a fully working shop. Sad to say, this is NOT my full time job (I work in IT), so a lot of my time is limited. And because of that, I feel its unfair to try and open commissions and not only stress myself out, but possibly let a fan/customer down with a long wait time. Your interest in wanting something I make is amazing, and once things open up a little more, yes, commissions will become a thing.

I want to attempt to make a pipecleaner figure. Will you give me pointers or show me how?

A: NO. As mean or rude as this sounds, I spend years perfecting what I do into something practical. I respect the want to use my medium for your own. But I dont give any tips or pointers. Practice makes perfect, and I’m incredibly proud of where I’ve gotten with this. If at first you dont succeed, try again. Thats how I did it, that’s how you should do it.

DO you have a Patreon or anything?

A: No. I dont produce enough content that I feel would be worth a fee to charge. Your want to support me is appreciated, and anything I make from this website will fuel my crafts. I do have a KO-FI account linked at the bottom of the FAQ :)

Are you buying jackets?

A: For buying jackets and denim, please reach out to me via the “Contact me” link and I will talk with you there.

I understand you dont have Commissions up, but what if I have an idea for a figure / Jacket I’d like you to make?

A: This happens to me so much for other people. I always want to see them make something, even if its not for sale or I’m not able to have it. If this happens to you, via the “Contact Me” link, send me the information of what you would like to see me make. Be sure to include pictures!

What is your overall goal with this?

A: (This was a good question) Right now, this is a hobby. Something I do for fun. My dream is to make it a career; to one day find a job in making these kinds of figures for a living either for physical character representation for gaming studios or as a prototype for action figures.

Sub-question: How can I help with this?

A: Share my website on your social media or anywhere you find relevant. Word of mouth is the ultimate billboard.

Who made your logo?

A: Michael Taylor, a Graphic Designer from Tampa, FL. You can reach him on Twitter via @michaeldanger19 (He also made some kind of project with the Baltimore Oriole bird?? Check it out its awesome.

This will be more up-to-date over time. I hope this helps answer some questions!